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Quality System


The Quality Management System


Hanani Nursery produces plants based on  the  Quality Management System which follows the ISO 9001:2008 and the GLOBALG.A.P.  P.P.M standards.


The standards require production based on  the seed law , part of which  is  attached below. The standards also require a marking and consistency system applied on any propagation material that is used : the seed, the rootstock, the scion,and as far as to  the planting of the orchard.


On entering the nursery, a confirmation examination is practiced on the propagation material. The examination includes accurate registration of  the mother tree in the yard from which a grafting was taken. The propagation material is  also accompanied by documentation of forms , like free of virus permits and import permits of PPIS (Plant Protection and Inspection Services).


The Quality Management System  includes detailed practice instructions of how to grow the plants - growing protocols - and about 20 written procedures that enclose the whole production and marketing system of the nursery.


All the practices in the nursery are registered in details:

irrigation, crop  fertilization,  disinfestation,

monitoring water, soil and leaves

and combined pesticide  inspection.


Classification of plants is meticulously practiced  according to procedures before marketing.


All the data is open to our customers. Every grower can require an exact registration accompanied by documents of the propagation material.

The customer can also ask for all the examinations and treatments that were practiced on the plants that he ordered.


The main goal in adopting the practices and standards of  the Quality Management System is to ensure and improve the quality of the plants and to minimize the problems and mistakes in the production of the plants.


In recent years we started to produce the labled “Israeli Plant”. This plant is produced like any other plant in the nursery according to the standards. [The grower must follow the protocol standards. Then,  a distinguishing label is attached to the plant  ]. Additionally, an objective inspector inspects the plant according to inspectorate protocol written by a team of the Plant Production and Marketing Board, SHAHAM the Agricultural Extension Service ,  PPIS  (Plant Production and Ispection Services) ,  and the Fruit Growers Organization.



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