Peach, Nactarine
Persimmon, Quince
Plum, Apricot
Apple, Pear


Persimmon, Quince>
Jiro Medium size, flat shape, still hard when ripe, non-astringent. Cool or hot climate. Hardy, attractive tree, practically pest free. Fall harvest. Self-fruitful. low chilling requirement


Very sweet, tasty, non-astringent fruit ripens about three weeks before Fuyu. Medium to large size, round shape. Relatively small tree  . Sometimes difficult to start from bareroot.  Self-fruitful low chilling requirement
Triumph Large, deep orange-red, ripening  at the end of october  low chilling requirement
Late Fuyu Motant - LFM Very sweet, tasty, non-astringent fruit ripens at the end of november low chilling requirement

All the data on the varieties are taken from publications of different research institutes. They are not recomendations for planting.

Before any planting, the grower should consult the regional instructor. 

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