Peach, Nactarine
Persimmon, Quince
Plum, Apricot
Apple, Pear


Plum, Apricot>

Royal Zee 



Medium to large reddish-purple skin, amber flesh. Harvest  one week after Metly.  low chilling requirement

 Erly Queen 

          low chilling requirement   Dark, nearly black skin, medium to large size ,firm amber flesh

Golf Rose

 low chilling requirement Medium to large reddish-purple skin, amber flesh




Medium size greenish-yellow fruit is juicy, moderately sweet with a pleasing mild flavor. Bears reliably in many climatest. Late June. low chilling requirement



Large, heart-shaped greenish-yellow fruit .Very sweet, translucent flesh. Little or no tartness at skin or pit. Mid-season, three weeks after Santa Rosa. Partly self-fruitful, or pollinated by Kelsey or Santa Rosa.  low chilling requirement 

Black Ambar 


Large, round, black skin, green-amber flesh. after Santa Rosa,  sweet.

Sun Gold

,Larg,greenish- yellow fruit ,sweet ,yellow flash,rippns at the first week of august


Black-purple skin, dark amber flesh. Very sweet, high quality fruit-dessert/can/dry.  Self-fruitful.high  chilling requirement

Black Jem


Purplish-black skin, amber flesh, Large, firm,
1947 Large, red-yellow skin,red flash, sweet. Rippns at  low chilling requirementthe  of august.

All the data on the varieties are taken from publications of different research institutes. They are not recomendations for planting.

Before any planting, the grower should consult the regional instructor.  

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