Hanani Nursery is located in moshav Beit Lehem Haglilit


in  the western margins of Emek Izrael (link to  map).


This region was a huge center of orchards in the years 50s and 60s


of the last century. Since then most of the orchards have been uprooted.


However, in recent years one can see renewed planting of pomegranate


and almond trees.


The nursery is producing many varieties of peach, nectarine, plum ,


cherry , apricot, pear, apple, almond, pomegranate , persimmon and quince .


The rootstocks are adapted to the requirements of the farmer.


They are made of seedlings which are clean of viruses.


There are also  woodcutting as well as  tissue culture. 

The main production is that of  plants in growbags and bare roots .

The growing areas of bare root plants and the soil mixture in the growbags

are sterilized before sowing or planting.


  Hanani nursery - 1955

The Hanani Nursery produces two varieties of bare-root plants : annuals and biennals (summer/winter).

The stages of the production of the two bare-root plants varieties is as follows:


Sowing and planting of  the annual plants take place in the winter. This is followed by spring grafting.  Then during the summer the plants grow and get their shape. All this process ends in the successive winter when the plants are ready for  marketing .

Sowing or planting of the biennal plants take place in the winter. During the summer the growing of the rootstocks continues. Later on dormant bud grafting is done in autumn. The plants keep growing during the summer and the marketing of the plant starts in the following winter.

The plants in  soilless substrate  are produced of rootstocks that are planted in growbags in the end of the winter or in the beginning of the spring. The rootstocks are from plant tissue culture or rooted budwood. They are grafted in the spring and marketed in the successive winter. Another possibility is that the rootstocks are grafted in the autumn and marketed in the following spring or summer.

 Mordechay and Shay Hanani at the nursery - 1965


 Hanani Nursery produces varieties of plants:

1. Seasonal/annual bare root plants, spring plants grafting 

 (peach, nectarine, apricot, apple)

2.  Perennial/biennal (summer/autumn) bare root plants, autumn plants grafting

 (Plum, apple, pear, cherry, persimmon)

3. Plants in growth bags (6 liter):

Peach, plum and almonds on 677 from plant tissue culture.   

 Apricot on apricot seedling / 2729,

 Cherry on Colt, Mahaleb or MM2,

 Peach, almond and plum on Hansen 536 ,

 Pear on Betelifolia, BA29/Ohxf 97.

4. ISRAELI PLANT- plants produced according to our protocols.

 They are also supervised by external supervisor according to the Israeli Plant

 supervision.The plants are separately labeled. The also carry the Israeli Plant




        Bare root apple plants                                                                                             Peach plants in bags        


The standard quality system that produces all the plant varieties has the ISO 9001:2000 standard. It is also adapted to the EURAPGAP standards.

(See the written information in the Quality System section.)

Hanani nursery is supervised by the Plant Protection Inspection Services (link to PPIS).

The plants in growbags are supervised and authorised by the Agriculture according to Biblical Law Research Institute founded by Rabbi Efratti.




Hanani Nursery has the permission to produce plants of three pomegranate varieties


that are patents of the  Agricultural Research Organiztion(ARO)  : “Shani”,


Emek”,Camal” and an early new apricot – “Daniel”. 





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