Peace/almond hybrid,selected by Brnhard as rootstock for peace.almond and plum.The main rootstock in Israel,very good for replanting. Big and strong tree.


Hansen 536

   Peach/almond hybrid ,selected as rootstocks for prune and plum.  A University of California peach/almond hybrid with vigor and drought tolerance but susceptible to certain root diseases





 .Plum/peach hybrid,plums dwarfed to 3/4 of standard



 Plum/peach hybrid rootstock. Peaches and nectarines dwarfed to 3 to 5 meter. Apricots and plums dwarfed to 3/4 of standard. Very tolerant of wet soil, induces early dormancy in dry soil.  Resists root-knot nematodes. Trees bear at young age.Patent



 Nematode resistance similar to Nemaguard, productive, increases fruit size, shows tolerance of wet soil conditions. Patent

Mariana 2426

Standard size rootstock used for growing rnamental and fruiting plums.  Produces a more uniform tree size with less suckering than seedling rootstock. Shallow root system, much more tolerant of wet soils than Baladi or Nemaguard.Same resistant  to oak-root fungus, root-knot nematodes. Mature trees comparatively small. For apricots and plums.


 Good for replanting apricots.Big and strong tree but breakable on grafting point


Peach seedling.


Apricot seedling




Apricot seedling .

All the data on the varieties are taken from publications of different research institutes. They are not recomendations for planting.

Before any planting, the grower should consult the regional instructor.   



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