Ana Aba Shtains remarkable fruit for mild-winter climates .Low chilling. Heavy crops of sweet, crisp, flavorful apples even in low desert. Fresh/cooked. Keeps 2 months in refrigerator.  Self-fruitful or pollinated by Dorsett Golden or Einshemer .
Dorsett Golden Yellow /red fruit for mild-winter climates . Low chilling. Heavy crops of sweet, crisp, flavorful apples even in low desert. Best for Ana pollinated.
Topred Mid-harvest season. Tree is large and upright. Fruit is medium size. Skin color is red with stripes. Apple is juicy, sweet tasting and aromatic.ה.



Long-time favorite for its sweetness and flavor. Reliable producer, adapted to many climates. Pollenizer for RedDelicious.High chilling. Mid-season harvest .Self fruitful.

Granny Smith


From New Zealand. Large,late, green, all-purpose. Crisp, tart, excellent keeper. Requires long summer . Medium chilling.   Prolonged bloom: good pollenizer for other apples. Self fruitful.


Scarlet Spur

 The most popular Red Delicious in the world with literally hundreds of thousands of acres in production.Best coloring Red Delicious,      dark mahogany color, crisp white flesh, excellent fruit production  patent                                                                                                          


Pink Lady (Cripps Pink)


Hot climate apple from Western Australia. Very crisp, sweet-tart, distinct flavor, good keeper. Skin reddish-pink over green when ripe. White flesh resists browning. Harvest begins late October , Self-fruitful.

Oragon Spur  Red Delicious ,   production of large, quality fruit with outstanding shape.                                                                                              patent
Super Chief
An improved of the most popular Red Delicious strains ever planted.   The tree is extremely spurry, producing a compact tree that throws an abundance of fruit spurs. It starts coloring with a red stripe but by picking time, a brilliant red has evenly covered the fruit and just a hint of striping remains. In addition to its beautiful color .                                                                                               patent

All the data on the varieties are taken from publications of different research institutes. They are not recomendations for planting.

Before any planting, the grower should consult the regional instructor. 

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