A newer cherry rootstock.   Reported to be compatible with most sweet cherry varieties, precocious and productive.   Some tolerant of wet soils and iron chlorosis  resistant



 For sweet cherries. In heavy soils, trees are dwarfed  70-80% of standard. Lesser dwarfing effect in other soils. Relatively tolerant of wet soils (but good drainage still required). Trees begin bearing at young age end forms a well-branched tree

 The most commonly used sweet and sour cherry rootstocks. Induces early, heavy bearing. Resists crown gall, bacterial canker, some nematodes. Not tolerant of wet soils.Seedling from Pontaleb France

Gizela 195/20, 209/1, 5

   A very good, dwarfing rootstock for sweet cherries.  Early bearing.   More tolerant to virus infection than Mahaleb  .  Suitable for high density cherry systems where early production in the third year is expected.  Needs more management of heavy fruit load than other rootstocks in order to maintain proper vigor and fruit size.Very sensitive to systemic herbicides such as Glyfhosate.   Patent

All the data on the varieties are taken from publications of different research institutes. They are not recomendations for planting.

Before any planting, the grower should consult the regional instructor. 

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